Our last mix was processed successfully on 2nd of September 2021
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Your Trust is our Priority

Anonymous Ethereum Mixer is one of, if not the most used and trusted Ethereum ETH Mixer, every day we mix more than 300 ETH for our customers!. Our ethereum mixer is fully automated and we never ask you anything about the funds.
If needed, feel free to contact us.

Anonymity is Freedom

Anonymous Ethereum Mixer grants you Freedom by allowing you to privately own and spend your funds without being watch, control, and judged by others, it also avoid you to comply with abusive financial regulations throughout the world.

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We are Anonymous.
We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

No Registration

No registration is needed for you to Mix Ethereums and receive clean ETH.

100% Anonymous

No logs are kept. Transactions' data are automatically deleted after 24hours.


We don't comply with KYC rules, and never will we! We will never hold your Ethereums.

Low Fees

Starting as low as 1%, our Ethereum mixing fees are amongst the lowest available.

Fast Transfer

Your clean Ethereums ETH will be forwarded to your right after confirmation.

High Transactions

Using our Ethereum Mixer, the maximum amount you can mix is 400 ETH !