Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Ethereum Mixer?

Ethereums transactions are public, they are traceable along the Ethereum blockchain from one wallet to another. Our Ethereum Mixer will mix your Ethereums with other's, and send you clean Ethereums from another unlinked wallet. It will break the trail back to the original source. In other words, Ethereum Mixer helps you to get privacy for your future Ethereum transactions.

How does a Ethereum Mixer work?

We already have a large amount of clean Ethereums ETH for you. All you need to do is to start a new mixing process and send Ethereums to the mixer to the address we will provide you. The anonymous Ethereums will be sent back to your new wallet automatically.

Are Ethereum Mixer, Ethereum Blender and Ethereum Tumbler the same thing?

Yes, those are all differents names for the same Mixing services.

How long does it take to Mix Ethereum ETH?

It is almost instantaneous depending of the service load on the ethereum blockchain. However, we advice you to set a delay of at least one hour for a best mixing.

Do you charge any fees?

Yes indeed, we charge the lowest fees available on the internet, You choose the fees you want to pay between 1% to 3%.

Are there any limits to Mix Ethereums?

Yes, to avoid overload with small transactions, we do not mix transactions inferior to 0.1 ETH. Also, to guarantee we have enough clean Ethereum ready, we have a maximum limit of 400 ETH.

What happen if my browser crashes during the Mixing process?

If you didn't transfer your Ethereums yet: just create a new order. However, if you already sent Ethereums to the mixer: don't worry, it will be automatically mixed and cleaned, as you set it up.

How can I contact you?

Our team of Mixers is available almost 24h/7d a week! You can use our Contact Page to get in touch.